Weekly Schedule


Week 1

  • Lecture: Introduction and overview of course.  Bring your camera to class or check one out from the cage for in class shoot week 1.  Week 2 bring a group of products to class.
  • Lab: Digital set upWork on files from in class shoot.
  • Assignment: Executive Portrait Two shots 1. In studio. 2. Location. Two mounted prints Due week 3.
  • Project: Lighting demo.  Lighting with your eyes in the studio and Controlling daylight: Images to be viewed in class on-screen in class week 2.
  • Competency: Begin to learn how to finesse portrait lighting and controlling daylight outdoors.   
Week 2: Due light demo images to show on-screen.  Bring camera and your gear to class! BRING PRODUCTS TO CLASS.
  • Lecture: Crit. on EXECUTIVE PORTRAIT. Guest Speaker. 
  • Lab: Selective sharpening and the High Pass filter. Printing test strip.
  • Assignment: Architectural interior and exterior. Due week 5.
  • Project: N/A
  • Competency: Basic understanding of lighting Architecture.
Week 4:   MEET AT MY STUDIO. address 2222 e. McDowell Rd. Phx. Az. 85006. Bring camera and gear to class! GUEST SPEAKER AND DEMO.
  • Lecture: Crit. on GROUP PRODUCT and  DEMO.
  •  Lab: N/A
  • Assignment: Group Shot Due week 6.  Show images from studio shoot on-screen in class Week 5.
  • Project: Class shoot.
  • Competency: Basic understanding of lighting for groups of people.

Week 5:  Bring camera and your gear to class!  Bring props Macro shoot. Show images from studio trip on-screen. 

  • Lecture: Crit Architecture Images and lighting demo.
  • Project: In class shoot.
  • Lab: N/A
  • Assignment: Macro shoot. Two versions. 1. Straight  2. Interpretation. Turn in 2 prints. Something cool…Buy and Return! Due week 7.
  • Project: Macro lighting demo.
  • Competency: Gather understanding of lighting small objects.

Week 6: Group shot due for crit.  

  • Lecture: Crit Group shot. Word games, themes, sames, opposites and comparisons. Discuss final project.
  • Lab: Demo. alternate B & W conversion using Photoshops calculations.
  • Assignment: Car Dealer Assignment 3 prints. Due week 9.
  • Project:
  • Competency: Understanding how to turn words into pictures.

Week 7: Macro shoot due for crit. Bring camera and your gear to class!  BRING PROPS TO CLASS FOR STILL LIFE SHOOT.

  • Lecture: Crit on Macro shoot and discuss Still Life assignment.
  • Lab: ESPN hdr effect.
  • Assignment: Still Life. Due week 11.
  • Project: In class Still Life shoot.
  • Competency: Learn to use light to tell a story.

Week 8:  Meet at my studio for interpretive lighting demo. Studio address: 2222 E. McDowell Rd. Phx. Az. 85006.

  • Lecture: Discuss lighting your way. What is style…
  • Lab: N/A
  • Assignment: Bring in one image from shoot to class that we will project on screen for discussion. Week 9.
  • Project: Class shoot at studio.
  • Competency: Learning the intricacies of light in creating a style.
Week 9:  Car Dealer assignment due for crit.
  • Lecture: Car Dealer Crit.
  • Lab: Prep files.
  • Assignment: Work on Corporate Story Final Project in class.
  • Project: N/A
  • Competency: N/A

  • Week 10: Corporate Story due for crit. Ten mounted prints are due.

    • Lecture: Crit. on Corporate Story assign.
    • Lab: N/A
    • Assignment: Catch up on assignments and re-dos for week 11.
    • Project: N/A
    • Competency: N/A

Week 11: Final portfolio review. Still Life Due for crit.

This Schedule is subject to change according to the needs of the class as determined by the instructor.


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