Photography Rubric

Rubric Definition: a set of rules of conduct or procedure.


Instructor: Rick Gayle

Instructor Contact Information:

ASSIGNMENTS All photographic assignments will be printed professionally. The photographic print is an important part of  the presentation portion of your grade. It is always important that a professional presentation be made when you present your work to class. There will be no excuses for poorly mounted prints or matte boards that aren’t cut square. Therefore, you will be expected to present your photography in a professional manner according to the guidelines presented in this post.

Presentation Guidelines: Print Size: 8 x 10 Borderless prints mounted on 11 x 14 black board as demonstrated in class.

Matte Color: Black

NOTE: Professional photographic prints can be purchased at any retail store that has a photo lab. The school does NOT have a photo lab. School prints are paper laser prints and are NOT acceptable for presentation. My suggestion is Costco or Image Craft in Tempe.

Photography Rubric

What makes a quality photograph? Creating photos using composition, light and subject with all these elements coming together to tell a story.

Listed items below are in order of perfection:

Subject: The subject is clear and rules of composition and light draw emphasis to the subject.

The subject is not clear. Composition and lighting do not draw emphasis to the subject.

The photo does not seem to have a subject.

Light: Light improves and enhances the photo’s visibility, clarity, contrast and value.

Lighting is apparent but doesn’t enhance the image.

The photo is dark or light and content is difficult to see.

The photo is underexposed or overexposed and content cannot be identified.

Composition: Photo is simple and uncluttered. Compositional concepts such as Rule of Thirds,  Center, Diagonal, Curved and Leading Lines are  successfully used to enhance the subject.

Photo is simple and uncluttered. Compositional concepts are used and show some success in enhancing the subject.

Photo is cluttered and details do not enhance the subject. Compositional concepts are used with minimal success.

Photo does not appear to have a subject or purpose and compositional concepts are not evident.

Image Quality: Image is properly exposed. Effectively retouched and not over worked. Full range of tones a properly color balanced. Critically focused.

Image is not clearly in focus. Over use of sharpening and lacking contrast and color is not accurate. Image is too dark or too light.

Exposure is clearly off and over correction of density is creating noise. Apparent color balance shift.

Concept: Strong idea is clearly seen with a unique well thought out vision.

Decent idea but could have been better executed. Too much insignificant information clouds the story.

Idea is lost or is too obvious and needs more refining. Too many conflicting elements.


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