The Studio Shooting Cart:

Infrastructure is the word that best describes where the studio photographer lives. Just take a look at any still life, product shot or food image and behind the beauty, sexy lighting and the story lies all the sponges, wax, metal blocks, fishing line and much more. These are just some of the items that allow studio shooters to create the images we see on a daily basis.

Take a look at that gorgeous McDonald’s Big Mac Image on the menu board and imagine what the back side of that juicy burger looks like. You’d see cosmetic sponges under the meat patties and the top bun to level out the layers. Be careful don’t take a bit you may get a mouthful of straight pins in your tongue.

The four Amigos:

These guys along with GOO GONE will be your best friends. We all know what Windex does…it’s that worlds best everything! Dulling spray can help deal with shinny stuff. Scotch Guard is the miracle spray that helps moisture cling to glass and repels water for other purposes as well…and of course Bestine the universal solvent!

A studio shooter would be lost without his collection of fill cards and a container of cosmetic sponges.

You guys need your own version of this stuff. Below is a list of some of the stuff you will need for both the studio and location shooting.

flash light…gaffers tape…close pins…”a” clamps sm. med. and lg…canned air…hot glue gun and glue sticks…aaa batteries…aa batteries…25ft. extension cord…power strip…glycerin and small spray bottle…swiss army knife or lumberman…dulling spray…fishing line…xacto knife and blades…double sided tape…tacky wax…sharpies…12″ metal ruler…small can of bestine…micro fiber rags…small plastic wedges…wood wedges and small wood blocks…scissors…glue sticks…small level…baby wipes…windex and small spray bottle…

You will always find things you need to add to your grip kit. This kit is also handy to have when you assist for other photographers. Let me tell you from experience my assistants score points bringing a grip bag to a shoot!

Other important items I think you really need and you can probably share the expense with your fellow students by going in together on them.

White, black and silver boards cut into 8″x10″ separate boards. A polarizing filter is a real must, if all you guys went to Tempe camera together to by this filter I’m sure they would give you all a discount. A piece of 3’x3’X3/16″ white plexi-glass for class shoots would be very helpful, you folks can also go in together on this purchase.

Check out Desert Star Plastcs in Phoenix…link to white plex…

And of course you’ll need a handy dandy caring case for all tour stuff!

Stores for items:

Tempe Camera…Home Depot…Dollar Stores…Costco for canned air (it’s cheap)…Michael’s…Arizona Art Supply…Reel Men for gaffer tape and foam core.


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