Corporate Story…Final Project

The final project will test your ability to shoot portraits, products, architecture, people at work and so much more. Your abilities to organize, schedule and plan can make or break a project like this.

The assignment consists of ten final mounted prints that can be shot in color or black and white. This is due in class for critique week 10.

This is what you will need to do:

1. Use the list at the bottom of this post as a starting point for picking a business for this project.

2. Make a phone call. Explain your project and ask for the right person to talk with.

3. Do your research about the business so in your meeting you can ask intelligent questions…who, what, where, why and how.

4. Set up a meeting. Dress appropriately. Explain the project you are doing. Use the school “thing” as your golden card into the front door of their collective hearts.

5. Offer them a copy of the files you’ve chosen for the project…This is something you’d better follow through with.

6. Send a thank you email to your contact for taking the time to meet with you.

7. What are the best times from them to have you shoot.

8. Put together a shot list and a schedule and keep your client “in the loop.”

9. Be sure to scout your shot list before you shoot and determine what your needs are.

10. Be prepared if you schedule a shoot for 9 a.m. be there an hour earlier to set up and prep the location.

You’ll be dealing with finding the people you’ll need in your shots, deciding the equipment needed for your shots, acquiring additional contacts to get the items you may need as well as grooming the areas you’re shooting in.

Work in pairs. One person is the photographer the other is the photo-assistant.

In planning your shoot think about close ups, medium shots and long shots. Be  aware of the tiny details that get to the heart of the story. Shoot around your subject…move in and out.

When I did a similar project like this in college the times were very different…there was no such thing as fear…today it is next to impossible to do a project like this with corporations like Intel, Motorola, Honeywell or even the medium size corporations out there…911 changed everything that’s why the list below consists of charities and non-profits.

These are just a few ideas start with:

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

The American Red Cross

United Way

The Salvation Army

Saint Mary’s Food Bank

Southwest Human Development

Az Arts For Abused Children

Habitat For Humanity

Catholic Charities

Ronald McDonald House

Phoenix Fire

Phoenix Police

The images below are suggestions of style and approach:


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