Group Product Shoot

When shooting a corporate brochure or annual report there well aways be some product shots needed to round out the company’s story. In most cases the shoot will consist of individual product shots and/or a group of products composed into one photograph to represent the various categories of the product line.

These images may be simply photographed on a clean white background or a surface that complements the product(s) being shot. Sometimes the client may want these photographs made in an environment. It’s very important to study the packaging to determine how you should light it.

Things to consider:

1. Is there any foil stamping on the package or product.

2. Is the product made of…plastic, glass, metal, fabric, wood etc…Each of these require a different lighting treatment.

3. If the product is a liquid of some type…do you need to show translucency. If there’s a label on the back can you remove it.

4. Make sure you and the client are on the same page as far as how the products need to be shot…Nobody likes re-shoots!

Here’s a random group of images:

Photos below by Ted Tamburo:

Aadam Voorhes:


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