Get Tight with Macro Photography

Pretty simple assignment. In the corporate world you’ll be called upon to shoot many types of products. The one assignment that can create a big challenge is shooting real tight shots of gears, auto-parts and in medical photography you’ll be asked to shoot stents, and medical tools that can be really boring. As I always say to myself, you can’t polish a turd but you sure can try! I want you to pick at least two items that are at least the size of the palm of your hand. I want you to create an interesting composition, light the items so the viewer knows what the materials are that make up the item…a nice clean representation of the item. Then I want you to find the “beauty” inherent in the products you’ve chosen and create an interpretative version.

Many times your client may want have you shoot a sexy shot of a boring thing for the cover of some marking materials…you gotta pull it off no excuses.

The assignment is two prints B&W or color…straight shot and an interpretive shot. Look for cool auto parts, check out Radio Shack for photogenic items, medical supply stores, new tools, agricultural products…etc.

Some Random Images:

Yes it’s true:


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