Corporate Group Shot

A part of any corporate literature or annual report are shots of the various groups of folks responsible for marketing, sales and of course the board of directors. This type of shot is much like a still life in terms of composition. The arrangement of people in a pleasing asymmetrical grouping where all folks can be seen is key. Think about getting some people facing each other and get some others to face away…create small groupings of three or four people inside the overall composition.

In years past these shots were symmetrically composed and the individuals were posed with rather austere expressions on their mugs. Maybe I’m too mean, there may have been one or two forced smiles in each group.

Today the attitude that needs to be created in these images is approachable, friendly and loose. These shots can be done in the studio or location. If the corporate headquarters are gorgeous with beautiful interiors and exteriors the client may decide to shoot there. Groups can be any where from 3 people to twenty people.

Important key items to keep in mind:

1. Scout the location. Find the best place to shoot. Take environment and lighting into consideration. Be prepared for either an interior or an exterior location.

2. Pre-light well in advance of the shoot time. These folks can rarely give you more than 15 minutes.

3. Ask your client if make-up is appropriate.

4. With large groups make sure you get plenty of depth of field to get everyone in focus.

5. This is one type of shot where a re-shoot is never possible! Get it right the first time.

6. Check ties, jackets and watch out for wrinkles.

7. Dress accordingly.

8. Don’t scrimp on assistants. Speed is the name of game.

9. With a large group try to compose ahead of time…move furniture if possible.

10. Know something about the company.

Some examples:

Shane Bevel

John Sibilski

Bryce Vickmark

Brad NewtonMichael Hart

Jose Mandojana

Bob Stefko

Jared McMillen


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