What’s Corproate Industrial Photography?

Photography is Photography. Brilliant right! Regardless of what genre of commercial photography you choose to belong to all the logistical, technical and creative aspects of the medium apply to all of it. Just be sure you choose to do what you love! I love still life, food and product photography so that is where I excel. I hate architectural photography so I’m sure I’d suck at it…if I got a call to shoot that type of project I would recommend one of my colleagues that love that kind of work and make a living shooting those type of projects.

There’s planning, logistics, and equipment that are special to each area of photography. You will be working with the creative services or marketing groups at corporations doing annual reports, web site photography, construction progress work, corporate meetings etc. You may be working with ad agencies and graphic designers as well.

Where I may be hiring a prop stylist and having a set built in the studio you may be hiring a chopper pilot and renting a gyro for your camera to shoot air to air photography for Lear Jet.

You will need to feel comfortable with a wide variety of people from the CEO down the guy on an oil rig. Planning and scheduling 30 day shoots are a big part of this genre. People skills, People skills, People skills! I can’t stress this enough.

There is no whining or crying in photography. Your job is to do whatever needs to be done to make the seemingly impossible…possible!

Some examples of this genre:

Stephen Mallon

Rick Peterson

You will have to be able to perform your job even if you’re dropped into the middle of a situation or place you’ve never been before…you’ll need to cut through the chaos and create beauty and tell a story. You’ll be doing a lot of traveling. The better you’re able to tightly pack your gear the more mobile and flexible you’ll be. In many cases you may have to rig, build or improvise equipment to create the clients vision.

You will need to be able to shoot a wide variety images from portraits to still life, product and architecture to name a few.

Scanderbeg Sauer


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